Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 2 Parana Terminal

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER EMILY! And Kristen, for turning 18, that's super weird to me! Everyone know that Emily is awesome and is an amazing sister!

This week was HOT! Saturday I was told by a member that it had gotten up to 43C, which is 110F! I definitely believe it. I've gotten pretty used to the heat though, so today when I woke up and it was only like 85F because it had just rained, it felt so so good. To be honest, I never thought I would have trouble with the no swimming rule on a mission, but I have never thought about the Scera pool so much in my whole life haha. Anyways, I realized I forgot last week to talk about the daily schedule. This mission is 7-11, and since there's siesta, we do personal study and training from 8:30-10:30, and then comp study and language study after lunch from 3-5. We also get a half an hour to take a nap from 2:30-3, but a lot of times it's so hot you really can't sleep anyways. But it is nice to have that time during the hottest part of the day to be inside.

This week we had a worldwide missionary training on Wednesday with a ton of General Authorities. I don't remember everyone, but there was Elder Oaks, Bednar, Andersen, Sister Oscarson, Elder Brent H Neilson and some other seventies. It was super good! I just wish that I was more fluent in Spanish so I could understand everything and get more out of it, but that will come. The biggest thing I took away from the training was that we aren't the teachers, the Spirit is, and also that we must remember that each person is our brother or sister, and that they came from the exact same place that we did. The whole training was great because it helped me really reignite my fire for missionary work, because I've been feeling a little down. We spent a lot of time in the richer part of our area, and nobody there wants to talk, and a lot of times they're rude to us. So it was good to be reminded of our purpose and the joy of missionary work. We also had a zone conference beforehand and ate lunch together, so that was fun to see all the missionaries.

Thursday we went on splits with the ZLs, which was super fun! I went with Elder Arnold, who's from Reno, Nevada. He and I get along really well. He played soccer in high school, and is going to BYU. He also loves being outdoors and going on adventures in the wilderness. He's also way into piano, and is a very talented classical pianist. He played a little for me at zone conference, and he's very good. Also, while I was with him, I got to try Grido's ice cream for the first time! It's kind of like the main ice cream chain here, and so missionaries love it. It was super super good! Especially Alfajor Blanco. Mm. Que bueno.

This week, I've learned a lot about faith. I've realized a lot of times that I pray for things with intent, but not with real intent, if that makes sense. I pray believing that I will recieve an answer to my prayers, but that's not faith. Faith without works is dead. After we pray for things in faith, we have to actively look for and seek out the answers, because often times they won't present themselves to us, and we can miss them if we're not EXERCISING our faith and showing our faith in our Heavenly Father that He will answer our prayers. Active faith is key for answers to prayers.

Well, that's pretty much it. Send me pictures, I love to see what people are up to! Also, if I don't respond to your emails, I promise that I read them and that I love and appreciate them so so much! There's just never enough time to respond, so I apologize now. Love you all! Christ lives!

Elder Meyers

An Asado (Argentine BBQ) we had with some members

Lunch with Elder Fajardo (MTC comp) and his comp Elder Marcelo (our DL).  Elder Fajardo is in my district!

The building where the Bishop lives.  He built it and owns it, so a ton of  members live there too.

Our church

Me and Elder Arnold (Zone Leader) on splits with Grido ice cream (so good!)

My tan line

View from the front door of our street

Elder Huerta, the ZL's Elder Mitton and Elder Arnold, and me.

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