Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 4 Parana Terminal

First of all, sorry for the delay, yesterday and today are holidays, so it's not exactly predictable when things will be open, since everyone is sleeping in and partying. Also the heat came back, which is no bueno. I used the thermometer on my alarm clock yesterday to measure the temperature, and it said 124F!! It was probably a little exaggerated, but regardless of the exact temperature, it's hot.

We got back to work this week, which was good. A couple highlights from the week:

E**, our most progressing investigator is doing so well! Her baptismal date right now is set for the last Saturday this month. She's nervous about it, because she doesn't want to rush into it, and she feels like it's something super sacred so she wants to make sure she's ready. We also have to wait and see what happens with her marido, since they're still living together. She's praying a lot to know whether she should separate from him or not, so we hope things can work out there. She said this week that she knows she needs to get baptized for sure, and that the church is true, it's now just a matter of when. So that's super awesome.

We also found a new investigator this week who's definitely been prepared! We are having trouble finding people right now, so that's a blessing. She said that she would be baptized if she came to know that the church was true, so hopefully our lessons this week go well.

The last thing was that Hno and Hna C**, an inactive couple, came to church this last Sunday, and both of them bore their testimonies! Hno. C** was bishop a long time ago, so we know they can be a huge strength to the ward if they will stay active. This was the result of a lesson we had with them last Thursday. We were actually on splits, and I was with one of the APs, Elder Blackmon. The lesson went super well, and we were able to ask some inspired questions. I felt strongly that I should ask Hno C** when he had felt closest to God in his life, and he said in the temple. We started talking about the temple, and he hasn't been for 10 years or so. But he really started to feel the Spirit, and he said he wanted to go back. Even though he had said we only had 10 minutes with them, we ended up teaching for about 45 minutes, and they came to church, so that was definitely a highlight.

A couple other things from the week: Like I said, we had splits on Thursday with Elder Blackmon, an AP, and Elder Arnold, one of my ZLs. Elder Blackmon es un capo!! He's from Florida, the only member in his family, and a member of about 3 years. He got here exactly a year before me, last January. We got along super well. As we were working, I don't think we stopped talking once all day. He's super pumped to go to BYU after his mission, and loves BYU sports as well. He's totally embraced Mormon culture since he got baptized and just loves it, which is good, because I'm a Utah Mormon who loves Utah, so we get along well, haha. The best thing, though, was that Elder Blackmon just loves the gospel. He delights in the scriptures and in spiritual things, and it was so great to be able to talk about all kinds of spiritual experiences during the day. I hope I can be more like him as a missionary.

Our adventure for the week was that our water heater busted. It started leaking and spraying water, and pretty much our whole kitchen floor was flooded. That took a while to clean up, and we ended up getting an entire new water heater.

Last thought for the week: A lot of times, when missionaries get their mission calls, they talk about how they just knew that that mission was the right mission for them. To be honest, I never felt that. When I got my call, I was interested, but didn't have that confirmation. This week, that confirmation came. I know that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be, and where the Lord can teach and instruct me in the best way for me. I know that sometimes we don't understand the Lord's purposes for things that go on in our life, but if we go on in faith and obedience, the Lord will always teach us more and give us greater understanding. Follow Him in EVERYTHING, because He knows best. He really does.

Christ lives today!
Elder Meyers

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