Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 5 Parana Terminal

LA HUMEDAD ME MATA. (Translated: The humidity is killing me!)

Wow wow wow I have never sweat so much in my life. It gets to points where I can't even walk any more because my eyes are stinging and I can't open them because there's so much sweat, but I can't wipe them because everything else I have is wet too. It's the worst. Fall come faster please!!! But really. Humidity. It's terrible. Pretty sure Outer Darkness is made up of straight fire and humidity. Anyways.

What a huge week of growth. I have learned and grown so so much this week. Miracles are coming to pass and I know that God is at the head of this work. I tell you what, missions are so great. They're like this awesome two year workshop where you get to dedicate all of your time every day to the gospel and living it better. What in the world could be better than that? You're free of all worldly distractions and are able to focus fully on the things that matter. I love the mission so much, it's great.

A miracle happened to the family of E**. Her man, J**, had many problems with us and E** was about to separate from him. But last week, he was very drunk and fell from the second floor of a building, and also as I understand it, received electric shocks from a cable when he fell. That experience gave him a desire to change, and he has not drunk liquor at all this week, attended church with E** and her daughter K**, and also received lesson 3 from us last night. He is now starting to think about being baptized with E**, and we hope that K** will be baptized too. Now J** and E** are looking for how they can marry. Miracles happen in the mission, I'm sure of that. If we work hard and work together with the Lord, and if it is His will, I know we can baptize this whole family.

A couple of fun things from the week: As we were tracting in Colonia, a little pueblito in our area, we passed by a house, and they were playing jazz music super loud, and I was jamming out so hard! I thought of Amaya too, shoutout to her for her jazz skills. Man, I really like jazz. It was great.

Also, there continue to be cockroaches everywhere. They breached a new boundary this week. As I was brushing my teeth, I felt one on my back. It had somehow gotten under my garment and on my back, so I reached in, grabbed it, and threw it in the sink and drowned it. Definitely a different world here.

Thought for the week: Covenants are crucial. We have to keep our covenants. But not only that, because we hear that all the time. Covenants are also a great source of comfort. We have a promise from the Lord of eternal life if we will keep our covenants, and that should be something we value and treasure above all else. We can take comfort in the fact that no matter what happens, we have that promise from the Lord, no matter what. I invite everyone to not only keep your covenants, but also: Treasure your covenants.

The Lord directs this church, and there is nothing greater in this life than the gospel of Jesus Christ, absolutely nothing. I love my Savior with all my heart! He lives!

Elder Meyers

Factura con dulce de leche (Katelyn asked me to eat one for her).

First haircut in Argentina

Last tootsie roll :(

Look at my tie (dark part is the sweaty part)

Look at the temperature on my clock, just look at it!

Our fan (literally one of my personal heroes haha)

Purple tie for fast Sunday


Shirley, who's a member of our ward, just got her mission call this week to Vina del Mar...who knows maybe she and Hma Kelson will be comps.

Zone p-day at Stake Center

Zone p-day at Stake Center

Zone p-day at Stake Center

Zone p-day at Stake Center
A better picture of our church

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