Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 6 Parana Terminal

Well, biggest news, I'm getting transferred, and I'll be training this next transfer! I'll be going to a little town called Nogoyá, and I'll be opening a new area. I feel completely unqualified to train, with only a month and a half in the mission, and still learning the language, but I know that this will be a great opportunity for me to grow my faith in Jesus Christ and to trust in Him and rely on the Spirit. The truth is, since this mission is still new, there aren't nearly enough missionaries to go around, and since about 30 new missionaries are arriving this transfer, Presidente Perez has to use some of the missionaries who got here last transfer to train now. So this next transfer will be a baptism by fire! Any extra prayers would be appreciated haha.

Anyways, this last week a lot happened. First of all, Juan became our new ward mission leader! He's the super cool guy who's a convert of about 3 years, but listens to General Conference talks all day during his work (construction), and can quote the prophets and apostles like crazy. I'm really sad that I have to leave now, but he will help the work so much. We've already set up meetings every week, and plans to do workshops with the members in the ward on how to better share the gospel with their neighbors, as well as how to do family history and FHE. He'll be a great strength to the ward.

This week there was a ton of rain!!! On Tuesday, early in the morning, we woke up to huge thunder and lightning, and it was just pouring rain. And of course all my socks were outside drying. At that point they were already soaked all the way through, so there was nothing to do. But Friday was even worse. There was a huge storm all morning, and we had to stay in the pension. The rain was literally blowing straight sideways. You couldn't hear anything while you were inside. When we went out after the storm, a bunch of trees had fallen down. This huge tree at the church split right down the middle, smashed the fence, and knocked over a traffic light. There was a menos activo we passed by, and an entire roof had flown off of someone elses house a block a way and landed on top of his house. Crazy stuff. So yesterday, we spent the whole day out in the campo. Our high priest group leader, Hno Uribe (who's one of the coolest people I know, super strong member) is building a farm, but the storm destroyed pretty much all his work. I felt so so bad. So we were helping him clean everything up and take down all the broken things. And I got burnt to a crisp on my neck of course. But that's just how it goes.

Anyways, this week will be an adventure! I know that the Lord can do anything, and that we only have to have faith in Him and do everything we can to do His will, and He will make up the difference. Let Him guide you, and He will do much more with you than you could ever do for yourself.

Scripture study idea: Study Ether 6 and how it relates to the Plan of Salvation. I learned a lot.

Christ lives! He is the way, the truth, and the light!

Elder Meyers

We looked up the weather one day last week for Parana, look at the entry for 9am!  I guess they weren't lying.

I tried to take a picture of the storm, but this pic doesn't do it justice

My socks drying in the kitchen

The fallen tree at the church

All the people who were working.  (Left to right:  Jose Rego counselor in the bishopric, Elder Huerta, me, Hno. Uribe's brother in law, Hno. Uribe HP group leader and choir director, Hno. Saucedo counselor in bishopric)

The farm where we were working

Working in the Campo in the middle of nowhere.

Me in the campo

Me with Juan, ward mission leader

At a park on the rio

At a park on the rio

Elder Arnold (ZL) in a tree (gonna miss him)

P-day at the rio

Letter from home and Valentine's Day package!!!!

My Valentine's day package from my family!!!  Thank you so so so much, it was absolutely wonderful to feel your love for me. :)

Contents of Valentine's day package

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