Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 4 Nogoya

Sorry about the delay, we had last minute tramites in Santa Fe on Monday, and we had teaching appointments last night when we got back, so that's why I'm emailing today.

¡Feliz Semana Santa a todos!

This last week was great! We finally had a normal week here in our area, without any meetings, traveling, or tramites. We spent a lot of time out contacting, and trying to find new investigators. We also set a baptismal date for our investigator Maria Ines! We are planning for April 9th right now, and are working with her to attend church so she can be baptized. It's a little difficult, because she has a disabled and autistic daughter in a wheelchair, so it's hard for her to travel. We're going to try and get some members to help them out. We haven't had a whole lot of luck with contacting. Wednesday we literally spend the whole day contacting people and knocking doors, and only ended up with one callback. But we just keep moving forward and doing our best to always open our mouths and share the gospel with everyone.

It's starting to cool down a little bit now. It rained a couple of days, and so all the dirt roads in our area turned into mud for a couple of days. And more than half of our area is dirt roads. Needless to say, we're pros at walking in mud now. If anyone ever needs someone to walk in the mud for them, call us. We've got it down haha.

Elder Marquez and I are getting a lot closer now, which is good. We talk a lot more in the streets now while we're walking. I often tease him, because he's from Colombia, right on the Caribbean, so this "cold" is really getting to him (it's maybe 65F at the lowest). He's always blowing on his hands to warm them up and saying, Ooo, hace frío hoy! Haha, but we're all good. I'm learning a lot more about video games, since that's kind of the main thing that Elder Marquez and Elder Huerta did before the mission. Pretty sure by the end of this transfer I'll be a pro.

This week I was studying in Alma 5. What a chapter! I would invite anyone who hasn't studied it in a while to study it again. Also, everyone who thinks that they are doing everything right in their life, or that they are just succeeding at everything, read it. It will humble you, I promise, because it definitely humbled me. It's important to always remember in whom we trust and how only through the Savior can we really do anything. And anything we are doing well, is only through His help. In this Easter time, it's crucial to remember the Savior, His sacrifice and Atonement on our behalf, and how only through His sacrifice can we become clean, pure, and worthy of the blessings of heaven.

Until the next week!
Elder Meyers

A park in Nogoya that we went to on P-day
Me and my comp at a park in Nogoya on P-day

Having fun at a park in Nogoya on P-day

A photo for you you know we eat at least somewhat healthy, and that we do in fact buy fruits and vegetables and eat them. haha

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