Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 3 Nogoya

Things never seem to slow down around here. This week was supposed to be normal, but we ended up having a ton of things to do. Turns out, my companion never got his patriarchal blessing. He was supposed to get it in the MTC in Buenos Aires, but things got messed up somehow, so on Tuesdaywe had to travel to Santa Fe to have an interview with Presidente Perez for his blessing, which is about three and a half hours of travel one way. SoTuesday was blown. Wednesday we did splits with the zone leaders, so Elder Marquez went to Victoria with Elder Maynard, and I stayed here with Elder Gonzalez. We were able to work a lot that day, and we got some good contacts. We also had some good lessons with incomplete families, so hopefully those will turn into investigators as well. Splits with zone leaders are always awesome, because you get to learn so much from an awesome missionary. It was especially great this time because I didn't feel so much responsibility and was able to take a little break from training to learn from another missionary. Elder Gonzalez is an awesome missionary from Mexico with 18 months in the mission, and I learned a lot from him.

Thursday, I ended up having to go back to Santa Fe in the evening so that I could do tramites Friday morning (official business). We had to go to a government building of some kind to start making everything official for my residence in Argentina, since technically I'm still on a tourist visa. When we finally got back on Friday later in the evening, there wasn't much time left to proselyte, so we were only able to teach one lesson to a less active. My companion also broke his glasses, so Saturday morning we had to go find an optica and get him new glasses so that he could see and read. Yesterday during church I sat there thinking,"Where in the world did the week go?" It's a little frustrating because when we don't have much time to proselyte we don't find many people and we can't spend as much time as we would like finding investigators. So hopefully this week we will actually have a normal week. Last night we were able to find two new investigators who seemed at least a little more interested than most people, so hopefully we can go forward with them. They're a husband and wife, and they have 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren. The wife is more or less an active Catholic, but they committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray, so we're praying for them and hope that they'll be able to feel the Spirit.

Not much else going on here in Nogoy√°. Still super tranquilo. Sometimes I just can't understand people here, who seem to literally live their entire life in the exact same place, drinking mate every single day. Not sure if I'll ever understand that.

I know that Christ directs this work, and even though sometimes it doesn't go exactly how we want it to, if we have faith in Him all things will always work together for our good. With Easter and General Conference coming up, now is the perfect time for all of us to reflect a little more on the Savior, on His life, death, Resurrection, and Atonement, and what we can do to better follow Him. I know He lives, and hope to become a little more like Him every day. This church is true!

Elder Meyers

Where we slept for the first week or so (other Elders pension)

Picture of our church (a building rented for church, since we don't have a chapel)

Various pics of our new pension

Us milking alfajores.  It's something you have to do as part of the training of a new missionary.  You take the alfajor, bite a little bit on each end, then put one end in the milk and suck milk through the alfajor until it's saturated with milk.  Then you eat it.  You feel pretty ridiculous doing it, but it tastes good. 

Me cooking pizza.  I felt pretty accomplished.

The view from our pension

Selfie during lunch with the other Elders.

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