Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 7 Nogoya

Hola familia y amigos!

This week was a week of miracles! After 6 weeks of lots and lots of contacting with very minimal results, the Lord blessed me and Elder Marquez with some fruits to our labors. We were able to put a new baptismal date for Maria Ines, our main investigator, and we were able to find 6 new investigators, 5 of which are couples or families! We have a lot of hope for the coming weeks as we work closely with each one to help them progress in their knowledge of the Savior, of God's plan for them, and how they can receive true happiness.

The theme for us has been to follow the promptings of the Spirit. Earlier this week, when my companion and I had a little extra time during siesta, we decided to watch the bio video of President Monson, On the Lord's Errand. After that, we decided that we were going to do everything we could to follow each prompting and thought we had while proselyting, no matter how small, to show the Lord our willingness to serve Him and do His will. Later, as we were out tracting, we were headed to the house of one of the contacts we had done the previous week, to try and set a date, and I had the thought that we needed to pass by a menos activo, Miguel Ceballos, a young adult (about 28) that we had been visiting and teaching and who had been showing lots of interest in returning to activity in the church. It was very small, and I almost threw it away, as we were planning to visit him later in the week, and because he lives super far away, and on top of it all, it was raining, and he lives in the villa, where all the roads are dirt, and my companion and I were already super tired of walking in mud. But I remembered the goal we had set, and I said to my companion, Let's go visit Miguel. He looked at me and said, Seriously? In this weather? I reminded him of our goal, and he immediately said ¡Vamos! (he's a great companion). We walked about half an hour to his house, only to find that he wasn't there. However, his friend Ramón of about the same age was watching the house, and after a short chat, agreed to receive our message. Fast forward two days. We went to the house of Ramón to teach him, and he wasn't there (that always seems to happen). We felt yet again that we needed to go visit Miguel. We followed the prompting and went to the house of Miguel, where we found him with his family. We began teaching the Plan of Salvation to Miguel when lo and behold, Ramón shows up! He sat down with us and Miguel, and we had a fantastic lesson with the four of them. We have plans to continue teaching both of them, and they both want to come to church together. My companion and I were super excited, and hope we can continue to help them. I have such a testimony of the Holy Spirit, and how when we do the littlest things to follow the Spirit, the Lord will bless us. Even if it was just a thought, if it was good, and you were trying to follow the Spirit, the Lord will bless you and help you to recognize the Spirit more in your life.

As far as other things go, I'm starting to realize that my pants are getting a little tighter... This Argentine diet is starting to get to me. All the breads and pastas all the time don't help you maintain your weight. This week we bought more vegetables and fruits, so hopefully that will help. Also, it has been raining all week long, and we can't quite remember what dry dirt looks like. I've given up on cleaning my shoes because they just get muddy and dirty every day jaja. Other than that, everything is going great! Remember your Savior Jesus Christ, who gave everything for you!

Elder Meyers

These two pictures were after a super rainy day when we got caught in a downpour and were absolutely soaked.  The streets were literally rivers.  It was great.


Conference with the three gringos in the branch president's office

Priesthood session with Hmo Arrua at his house

Our Conference breakfast (with facturas of course)

All the missionaries with la familia Arrua, and the mom of Hermana Arrua, Hermana Farias, in the house of Hermana Farias for Conference lunch on Sunday

Other picture from lunch (with jello with whipped cream!  It's been so long since I've seen whipped cream!)

Pday especial in Victoria with all the missionaries in our Zone (minus the hermanas from Nogoya who couldn't come)

All the Elders in Zona Parana Sur
Divisions with Elder Maynard!  He wanted a selfie with the Goldfish jaja

Making milkshakes with Elder Maynard

Purple tie for fast Sunday

The other Elders had a baptism this last weekend!  It was awesome!

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