Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 9 Nogoya

Another week in the field... ¡Vamos!

We were blessed with a new investigator this week, and we also were able to set a baptismal date for two of our investigators! It was a little sad, though, because neither of them were able to attend church yesterday. We still haven't had a single investigator attend church here in Nogoyá, so that's is our big goal right now. The branch here is growing, and it is such a privilege to be a part of the work here. The other elders had another baptism on Saturday, and it was so full of the Spirit. I was also able to sing Savior, Redeemer of My Soul in Spanish for the service, and it felt wonderful to bear my testimony through song again. We had two other investigators there in the service, and they were able to feel something special throughout the whole thing. The wife is ready to be baptized, but the husband is pretty hardcore Catholic. We are praying that his heart will be softened and he will be able to feel the veracity of our message.

Other than that, pretty normal week of teaching, finding, contacting, and visiting menos activos. I was thinking this last week about the mission, and what I'm doing each day, and I realized more than ever that the Lord knows so much better than we do how to be happy. We think that we know how to be happy, and where we can find it, but the truth is the Lord knows so much better. If we will give our lives to Him, turn our will over to Him and do what He asks us to do, we will always have more joy, more peace, more comfort, more confidence, and more love in our lives. There is no better way to be happy than to do the Lord's will. He knows best.

Hasta la próxima semana!
Elder Meyers

So...There's a super oferta in Grido right now, a kilo of ice cream is 2 for 1, so we definitely had to take advantage of that.  Here I am deciding which to try first jaja

A great picture of me eating breakfast that my companion took

My companion "milkeando" (sucking milk through an alfajor so it gets super full of milk)

Broke out the OHS choir sweatshirt for p-day today.  Unfortunately I can't wear it to proselyte, so only p-days and at nighttime.

Joseph Smith movie for p-day!

We finally put our mirror up in the bathroom with the help of Hmo. Arrua.  It's great having to hold the mirror while trying to shave or do your hair, so great that it deserves a picture.

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