Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 11 Nogoya

Hola familia y amigos!

After talking with my family yesterday, I realized that it is harder to speak in English than I thought. I only have four months in the mission, so we'll see what happens in December. Hopefully I'll still be able to communicate in English jaja.

This week was a week of contacting again. My companion and I realized that we hadn't been as diligent as we could have been in finding new investigators in the past couple of weeks and that we had spent a little too much time with less actives and trying to find then-current investigators. Going forward we have set goals to open our mouths and share the gospel in every moment, and to remember that even when we are on our way to an appointment, there are still people we can find on the way. We have found some promising new potential investigators, so hopefully there will be some more news next week on that.

As far as a spiritual thought, I realized this week that the blessings that the Lord has given us are not for us. The Lord does not bless people with lots of money so that they can be rich and have 7 cars, but so that they can bless the lives of others with the excess that the Lord has given them. The Lord doesn't bless someone with extraordinary talent playing the violin so they can be better than everyone else, but so they can uplift and inspire others. The Lord doesn't give us testimony just so we can know, but so that we can share it with others as well. I've come to realize that if we keep our blessings to ourselves, they aren't really blessings at all. But if we give what we have, we will receive even more.

Until next week! Sean fieles! (Be Faithful!)
Elder Meyers

Skyping on Mother's Day!  Everyone is SO happy!

Elder Meyers on Mother's Day!

Our Skype station in the capilla

Me washing my clothes

Elder Gonzalez (ZL) and I in divisiones with sandwiches de milanesa (super ricos)

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