Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 3 Santa Fe Rural C/Oficina

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I had a fantastic birthday! Also, thanks to all my family who wrote me cards and letters, I loved every single one. I wish I could write to each of you and thank you individually, but unfortunately there's never enough time, so just know that I love you and am grateful for each and every one of you. :)

Boy, am I tired. I don't think I've ever been this tired in my whole mission. But it's ok, because I'm having a great time!

We continue to work long hours in the office, preparing budgets and playing hide and seek with all of our receipts. The nice thing is that we can listen to nice soothing Tabernacle Choir music while we work, so it´s all good. I honestly don't mind financial work too much. It makes me a little tired sometimes doing it all day, but it's pretty cool to learn about.

On Tuesday, I had a busy, but awesome birthday. Definitely can't complain. In the morning I got up and opened my packages and letters, which all made me smile a lot. We went to the office then and worked hard on our budget closing all morning, and then Presidente Perez took us all out to lunch for my birthday! It was Presidente and Hermana Perez, us in the oficinas, and the four asistentes, and Elder Ramirez, who had been in the office with us while he awaited results on his exams (he ended up going home this week, which was sad, but good, because it was best for him, and luckily he wasn't too sad because he knew it was what he needed to do to get better, and at least he got to pass his last week well with us in the oficina). We went to the mall down by the river, which is quite big, and very nice. We went to the food court, where there was Subway, Mostaza (super similar to Burger King), McDonalds, a pizzerĂ­a, and other assorted Argentinian food places. We had a blast, and I got a Subway sandwich, which in fact is just as good in Argentina. We also got McFlurrys with Argentine brand chocolate. It was great. We came back and had another four hour finance meeting with Presidente and Hermana Perez, and then finished out the day getting some things ready that they wanted us to do. That night, we ate a huge cake that Elder Ramirez made for me, with ice cream, and had a mini party. Overall a great birthday.

Today we had our rehearsals for the mission choir, and that was fun as well. We were in the capilla from 10am to 7pm, rehearsing, doing studies, and eating lunch. It came together really well, and should be something very spiritual for the mission conferences this coming week.

This week I was thinking a lot about how critical it is that we have the gospel in our lives, and that we live in accordance with the knowledge that we have, as well as the covenants we have made. We have covenanted to follow Christ, to be His servants, and to be examples of Him in ALL times, ALL things, and in ALL places. That means always, not just sometimes. And we have to live that example even when we are alone, because who we are when we are alone is who we truly are, and what we become in times of great stress. It's easy to keep the commandments and be great disciples of Jesus Christ when things are sunny and happy, but in the hard times, in the trials of life, we need that strength, which will only come if we are living the gospel in every aspect, and in every moment. Que vivamos como Jesucristo quisiera que vivirĂ­amos. :)

Thanks again for all of the birthday messages! I love you all! Remember Christ in every moment!

Elder Meyers

Me working on a normal day

Random picture of the office
Me and Lautaro, a super capo who accompanies us all the time, is a converso (convert), only member in his family, and leaves on his mission shortly

Elder Blackmon selfie with Elder Pearson
Birthday lunch! Elder Pearson, Elder Robles, Elder Blackmon, me, and Elder Thompson with Subway in the mall
Elder Robles
Selfie at lunch (it didn't turn out super great, but it's all good

Me and Elder Maynard

My subway lunch, with Lay's that were pretty much bacon flavored.  They were pretty good. :)

All of us with our McFlurry's

Me and Elder Thompson with my package and his toothbrush jaja

Pictures from our little cake and ice cream party that we had in the oficina (Elder Ramirez made the cake, and it was super good, it was chocolate and peach)

My birthday cake that Elder Ramirez made
Elder Ramirez and me
Me, Elder Blackmon, Elder Ramirez, Elder Thompson, Elder Clayton, and Elder Robles
Picture of the Argentina Mission Choir!

Presidente and Hermana Perez gave me a box of alfajores for my birthday :)

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