Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 10 Santa Fe Rural C/Oficina

Hola y hola!

This week was a pretty standard week, not much to tell. We worked in the office, worked in the field, and lived the missionary life. We didn't have a whole lot of success teaching this week, with a lot of appointments falling through, and having to drop other investigators because they weren't progressing. It's always hard to drop people, because you sincerely want them to progress, but you have to give people their agency, and remember that sometimes, you are just planting the seed, and hopefully later on they will come in contact with other missionaries, and choose differently the next time. But we stay optimistic, and are looking for new investigators. We are finding new people to teach, and hope to find more.

Elder Clayton will be leaving the office next week to be a zone leader in Paran√° Sur. He'll be taking the place of Elder Gonzalez. I told him to take care of Nogoy√° for me. :) The office is slowly changing, as people leave, and also as we strive each day to make the office an office more representative of the Savior Jesus Christ. Elder Llanos will be the district leader now that Elder Clayton is gone.

I finally feel like I am pretty much caught up on everything in my office work. Up until now, I had kind of been living under pressure, because I was behind in a lot of things, and it was a little hard to know exactly what to do. But I have definitely seen the Lord's blessings in my life, and every time I put Him first, he helped me, making my mind clearer and helping me be more effective with my time. I also understand more why the prophets always teach us to not be in debt. When we fall behind, there is a shadow, a constant pressure that is ever present every day until you get rid of it. It is much better to live prudently, organized, and within our means and abilities, to "Organize yourselves and prepare every needful thing", and to "not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided".

Sorry for the short letter this week, but this coming week will be more eventful, since it's transfers. I love you all!

Elder Meyers

We went to Makro this week to get ready for transfers.  It's basically the Argentine version of Costco.  We buy these big bags of cereal, packages of milk boxes, and juices, among other things.  We stocked the truck full.  It was fun. :)

Me, Elder Clayton, Elder Llanos, and Elder Dillon

Elder Giacoboni (one of the zone leaders, he was our zone leader here in Santa Fe, but he's in Parana now) drew this.  He's a really good artist, it's of me preaching the gospel. :)

Me and Elder Clayton.  We made root beer floats today for pday!  It wasn't quite the same, but you can only expect as much when a bunch of 19-and 20-year-olds try to make root beer jajaja  It was still good.

Elder Tello, me. Elder Clayton, and Elder Blackmon

Elder Robles taking the picture of us making root beer floats

Homemade root beer float

We were all outside playing basketball, and Elder Dillon decided to use the port-a-potty, and while he was inside, Elder Blackmon and Elder Robles turned it around so that the door was against the wall, and we all took a picture jajajajaja it was actually pretty funny :)  Elder Blackmon was pretending like Elder Dillon was a lion in a cage or something and was giving us all commentary on how he was going to let the lion out of the cage jaja

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