Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week 9 Santa Fe Rural C/Oficina

Hola, como estamos todos?

Spanish is pretty cool, I'm not going to lie. I really enjoy speaking Spanish.

Another week in the office! Another week of missionary work! Another week in the mission! Life is fantastic. :)

This week, Elder Llanos and I were able to go out and teach a lot. We found a couple of new investigators through some references we received from some members in the ward, and we passed by some other old investigators that we had dropped for a while. We had a great lesson with the references, and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially how faith in our Savior leads us to act, and to make and keep covenants with him, such as baptism. They all said that if they came to know that our message is true, they would be baptized, so we are working with them. It was cool, because D***, the mom in the family, as we were talking about baptism, starting to tell us how she always thought it was weird that in the Catholic church (she's Catholic), they do baptisms for babies, because she always thought babies were innocent and couldn't really sin. It was perfect opportunity for us to testify of the restored gospel, and to teach a little more about baptism, and the example that Jesus Christ gave us. We also talked a little about accountability as well. Teaching the gospel is really just the best.

This week on Tuesday, we sent Elder Thompson home to his family! Me, Elder Blackmon, Elder Tello, and Elder Llanos went with him to the airport, along with Presidente Perez. We sat and chatted for a little bit and Presidente bought us all hot chocolate. We brought a bunch of balloons and gave them to Elder Thompson, it was pretty great. As we said our final goodbyes, Elder Thompson got a little emotional, he definitely was going to miss the mission. I got a little teary-eyed as well. He was the first missionary to go home that I really knew pretty well. But that's the mission.

Apart from that, just working in the office like a madman. Still have a ton of things to get registered and organized, but line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. :) I'll get there eventually. Elder Llanos and I also had to go in our truck to do some emergency transfers, so we had a nice little late night trip together, that was fun.

Also, this week Elder Llanos and I started a little trade that has been pretty fun; I am teaching Elder Llanos how to play piano, and he is helping me learn Visual Basic, which is like a programming language in Excel. He's teaching me programming, and it's pretty cool. It's a great little trade, and it's pretty cool how fast Elder Llanos is learning. He's a pretty smart guy, and he picks thing up quick. He's a great companion

This gospel is great. The element of progression in the gospel is so important to understand. We often have moments of strong inspiration, and we feel great desires to make changes, but those surges have to push an incremental but steady pattern of spiritual progression. As Elder Holland explained in his last conference talk,

"Please remember tomorrow, and all the days after that, that the Lord blesses those who want to improve, who accept the need for commandments and try to keep them, who cherish Christlike virtues and strive to the best of their ability to acquire them. If you stumble in that pursuit, so does everyone; the Savior is there to help you keep going. If you fall, summon His strength. Call out like Alma, “O Jesus, … have mercy on me.”7 He will help you get back up. He will help you repent, repair, fix whatever you have to fix, and keep going. Soon enough you will have the success you seek."

Let us always strive each day to grow a little more. A tree, in order grow grand and tall, must expose itself to sunlight each and everyday, and we, as children of the Great and Eternal God, in order to become like Him, must expose ourselves to the light of the gospel each and every day. If we do this, not only will we be truly great, we will be truly and eternally happy. And we can do it, because our Savior is right beside us, helping us and guiding us every step of the way, if we will only look to Him and listen.

Have a fantastic week! I love you all!

Elder Meyers

We went to the mission home for an errand Thursday night, and Presidente gave us Chilean chocolate.  It was really good. :)

Last week for pday we went bowling.  It was pretty fun, but I didn't do so well at the beginning.  I'll have to practice up a little bit so I can win the next time. :)

We all gave balloons to Elder Thompson in the airport while we were waiting for him to board. :)

Elder Thompson heading home

Me with Elder Thompson before he boarded 

Elder Thompson getting on the plane!

I got to drive Presidente Perez' car, and I even drove on the freeway.  First time officially driving in Argentina (still working on driving the stick, though, Presidente's car is automatic)

Normal day in the office...:)


I wore a purple tie for fast Sunday, but I forgot to take a picture, so I wore another purple tie today, here is the picture just for you guys. :)

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