Saturday, October 1, 2016

Week 16 Santa Fe Rural C Oficina

Hi everybody!

Sorry, not a whole lot of time to write today, getting ready for general conference. But we had a great week, we progressed a lot in the office, we getting a lot of good things put together. We finally got a remisero (taxi driver) to come to church last week, and he's coming to conference tomorrow! We were super excited, because we take remises (taxis) all the time, and we usually try to invite the driver to church or to listen to the missionaries, but almost all of them have taken missionaries in their remis, and most of them lots of times, so usually they just say, yes, we've heard it, no, we're not interested, thanks. But we have one guy, his name is Cxxx, who finally accepted our invitation! He's our good friend in the office now, and every time we call a remis and he comes, we're excited. Elder Tello and Elder Dillon are going to teach him.

We had another great lesson with Mxxx and Dxxx this week! They finally read in the Book of Mormon! We've been pushing for that for a while, and they did it! Martin read the Testimony of the Three and Eight Witnesses, and he had lots of questions, it was great. We talked about witnesses and why they're important, as well as the fact that we have witnesses today called apostles and prophets, and that we have to have faith on their words, and then act on what they invite us to do. They both said they will come to conference today, so we're excited!

The gospel is great. One of my favorite things is prayer. When we truly open our heart to God and tell Him everything, He helps us, guides us, and lifts us in a very real and personal way. I know it.

Have a great general conference!

Elder Meyers

We had pday especial this week with the zone, and we made an asado and played basketball and kickball.  It was super fun! (I'm wearing a Union jersey, because there are two big soccer teams in Santa Fe, Union y Colon, but Union is way better ;))

Me and Elder Tello in our jerseys

Elder Fajardo came and did tramites this week, and we got to go out and do divisions! It was super fun, I had never actually gone out in the real missionary field with him. :)

Me and Elder Fajardo! (My companion from the MTC)

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