Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 22 Santa Fe Rural C Oficina

Queridos amigos y familia! Como están todos?

It's the week of transfers, and this transfer, we are having a lot of changes, including a lot of new missionaries. It's just crazy, but it's been a great week. A couple of highlights:

Last Sunday, we had an AMAZING stake conference with Elder Teixeira, a general authority and president of the South America South Area (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay). He is from Portugal, but raised his family in Germany, and speaks six different languages. One thing I loved that he talked about was obedience. He told an experience of when he was the president of the Europe Area, and he was with President Monson on a 10-day tour of the area. He said that President Monson absolutely loves the movie Sound of Music, so during one of the days that they were passing through Salzburg (the city in Austria where the movie was filmed), they went to the small cathedral where the wedding of Maria is filmed. They sat, and were pondering for a while, and then, all of a sudden, President Monson put his hand on Elder Teixeira's knee and said with a lot of firmness and intensity,"Elder Teixeira, wherever you go, whenever you visit the saints in any part of the world, always exhort them to keep the commandments." And then President Monson got quiet again, and then said, "Ok, shall we go?" It just kind of came out of nowhere, but Elder Teixeira said it changed him, and he testified to us of the great importance of keeping the commandments, and the happiness and joy that can ONLY come from living the commandments of our Heavenly Father. I loved the conference. And we had a stake choir, and I got to play the piano, so that was fun, too. :)

On Thursday we had an insane rainstorm. It only lasted about 10 minutes the very worst part of it, but it was literally like buckets of water falling from the sky. We couldn't even open the door of the office because there was so much water coming down. In about 3 minutes all of the streets flooded completely, with water up to the rims of the car tires. Our basketball court had at least 2 inches of water covering it within 5 minutes. It was insane. And what was crazier, Elder Carrion and Elder Henriquez went to Hernandarias to close a contract for the new apartment for the elders that are going there, and over there, the storm was even worse. For about 10 minutes, it hailed hailstones almost the size of golfballs. They pulled into a service station, but all of the tail lights and mirrors on the truck were shattered, and the entire body of the truck was dented in hundreds of places. It looked like somebody had taken a machine gun to it or something. It was unbelievable. Crazy weather stories.

On Saturday, we had a capilla abierta in San Martin (that's in the Santa Fe North Stake). I had a pretty embarrassing moment. So, to explain a little, to begin the tour, the sister missionaries start by welcoming everone, and then, like in the Visitor's Center at Temple Square, they invite everyone to listen to a recording of the words of Christ as they look at the Christus statue (Of course we just have a big stand, but it still works great). So my job this time was to hide behind the pulpit and press the play button for the recording when they finished talking. Everything was going great, just fine (we've done this a bunch of times already). And then, I don't know how, but I was super exhausted that day, and during one tour, I pushed play, and then during the recording, I somehow fell asleep, and fell over so that I was laid out on the ground. I just konked out! And the sisters finished the tour, and then another group came in, and the Sister Training leaders from Santa Fe (Hna Garcia and Hna Guevara) started the next tour, not realizing that I was completely out (because I was behind the pulpit). So they start the tour, and say "Now we're going to listen to the recording" And nothing happens. The say it again, and nothing happens. So Sister Garcia looks back and sees me laid out on the floor, and says in a whisper, "Hey! Elder Meyers!" Nothing. Again. Nothing. Then Hna Garcia went up on the stand, while Hna Guevara told the tour group that we were just having technical difficulties, and Hna Garcia came up to me and whispered my name "Elder Meyers, Elder Meyers!" Then she started shaking my wrist, and then my arm, and then my shoulders, and finally I woke up! I was so out of it! I was completely confused about what was happening, and Hna Garcia turned on the recording and then went down. About a minute later I realized what was happening, and I was so embarrassed! I have no idea why how I was so out of it. Afterwards, Hna Garcia told me she was just like "Is he dead?" jajaja Oh man.... the mission. It's great.

Anyways, I love you all! I hope you have a great week, and always remember to keep the commandments!

Elder Meyers

All the ice cream for transfer week

Look at all that Grido ice cream!

Elder Maynard, me, and Grido

Asado for the farewell lunch yesterday in the mission home (3 Elders and 4 Hermanas finished their missions:  Elder Blackmon, Elder Pearson, Elder Chartrand, Hna Guevara, Hna Craig, Hna Tomala, and Hna Castillo

Farewell lunch

Farewell lunch

A picture of me with all of the assistants:  Elder Maynard, Elder Blackmon, Elder Pearson and Elder Robles (Elder Blackmon and Elder Pearson's last week)

Pictures from the crazy rainstorm!

Soaked Elder Blackmon

Crazy rainstorm

Selfie from the capilla abierta in San Martin during lunch

Elder Tello and me

Pictures of Elder Carrion and Elder Henriquez with the crazy hailstorm

Elder Carrion with the hail stones

Look at all the hail

The tail lights in the mission truck were shattered in the storm

Look at all the dents from the storm

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