Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 31 Santa Fe Rural C Oficina


What a great week. We are really starting to get into gear with the members in the ward, and the work is accelerating. Last year as a district we averaged about 5 or 6 lessons with members each week, but this last week we had 14. As we've changed the focus a little bit to include members in the work, I have seen the change. It's all a part of the Lord hastening His work. As we all contribute to this great work of salvation, we will be blessed. I know it.

Unfortunately, yesterday, we had a huge thunderstorm in the morning, so no investigators came to church... The biggest problem is that most people walk to church because they don't have cars, so if it's raining buckets, they are most likely going to stay in their house instead of walking 20 blocks in the pouring rain. But we don't let that get us down, because a little rain can't stop the work of the Lord from going forward!

We had a great capilla abierta last Saturday in La Paz! La Paz is the biggest zone in the mission with 24 missionaries, so we had a lot of helping hands! It rained in the morning, but in the afternoon it was nice and clear, and we had a lot of visitors pass through the church. We ended up with many referrals and baptismal dates for the elders in La Paz. I also had a great experience during the capilla abierta. I am normally inside, since I help out with the technical part (turning on the audio track of Jesus Christ's words), and so I have the opportunity to be present during every tour that the hermanas conduct. On Saturday, as some of the hermanas were teaching, I was so impressed with their focus on the investigators that were in the tour. As they taught, they focused right in on the specific needs of each person there, and it seemed to be that, although they were teaching the Restoration, it was very specifically directed and personalized for each person in the room. It made me think about how important it is for us to minister to the one. President Monson is one of the very best examples of this, always looking to serve and minister to the one. I would encourage each of you to look for that "one"; one person that needs your help, one person that you can lift and inspire, one person that you can serve. As we serve the one, we become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Meyers

Bowling last week

Purple ties for Fast Sunday! :)

So, we had to say goodbye to our truck this week...they took it to Buenos Aires to do repairs, and it will be there for about a month.  So now we have an interim car, the white one.

Driving the new car!

Elder Carrion and I went to Galvez this week to visit their apartments and look at some repairs that needed to be done.

With the Elders in Galvez

Cool sunrise on Saturday! (we had to get up at 5am so that we could get to La Paz on time to start capilla abierta)

In front of the capilla de La Paz

Lunch with all the missionaries and members

Elder Santos, me, and Elder Fajardo

It was Elder Santos' 20th birthday!

Me and Elder Gomez (he did the baptism part with another Elder)

Me and Elder Clement!  Elder Clement got here with me, he and Elder Gomez are the zone leaders in  La Paz

With Elder Kotter!  One of the best missionaries I know for sure.

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