Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 34 Santa Fe Rural C Oficina

God is good.

It has been an amazing weekend. Yesterday we had 3 baptisms! In reality, it was 4, but one of them was 8 years old, so he technically counted as a ward baptism. But that doesn’t really matter, because it all comes down to the fact that we were able to be a part of the eternal journey that each of these four started. Diego and Nahuel were baptized, as well as Gisela and Alejo. At the beginning of this week, we didn’t think Gisela would be able to be baptized this Saturday because of some situations, but during the week we became aware that the situations had been resolved, and the she wanted to be baptized this Saturday, so we went for it! I baptized Diego (the 8 year old), Elder Carrion baptized Nahuel and Alejo, and Santiago, a priest from the ward, baptized Gisela, and then today the bishop and the ward mission leader did the confirmations. The best moment for me was probably when, after changing into my white clothes, I came out of the bathroom, and Diego (who had already changed) came running up to me, all excited, and jumped on me saying “Mi bautizador! Me voy a bautizar!” He was so excited to be baptized! After performing the baptism, right when he came out of the water, he just looked out at everyone with a dropped jaw, he was so excited that he was baptized! Everyone laughed, it was awesome. I remember that seeing everyone dressed in white, and feeling that kind of peace and happiness made me feel like I was in the temple. It was beautiful.

And if that wasn’t enough, yesterday, before the baptism, we had a capilla abierta in Rural! We had bad luck in the morning, because it was literally pouring buckets of rain and all of the streets flooded, in some places up to the knees, as is prone to happen every once in a while. So we all got stuck inside. By about 11am everything had cleared up and we were able to go out and invite some people. We came back, had lunch, and got things set up. One of the coolest things was that we had so much member participation. There were stands for every organization, and members manning each one, as well as members to greet visitors and members to invite people. The YM president, ward mission leader, and another brother decided halfway through that we could have more people coming, so they decided to go outside and start grabbing people to bring in. It was pretty cool, I’ve never seen that happen before in a capilla abierta. The ward mission leader was fearless, if someone was way over on the other side of the street, he would yell “Ey!” and run over to them and invite them in. So cool. And we had a ton of success! We literally never had more than 2 or 3 minutes between tours, there was always another group of people coming in. And one of the coolest things was that there were two young women, about 15 years old, that the sister missionaries just brought in from the street, and they ended up staying for a good while, getting to know everything, and today they came to church for all three hours, dressed up nice and everything! Miracles. I love missionary work.

As I was thinking about the baptisms that happened, I realized that, while it was an amazing and wonderful experience, truly a blessing for which I will be forever grateful, it’s not what defines me as a missionary. How many baptisms we have is really irrelevant to what type of missionary we are, as every baptism is a gift and blessing from God. Our job as missionaries, and as members of the church, is to have the Spirit with us always, always repenting, always progressing, always serving and looking out for others. Preach My Gospel says “You can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you feel the Spirit working through you.” I know that this is true, because the most rewarding moments on my mission have been the moments when I have felt that I was at one with the Lord and His Spirit, working in His work with 100% dedication. That is what a successful missionary is, and that is how we find joy not only serving a mission, but throughout our entire lives! I love this gospel, it is everything to me.

Elder Meyers

PS I forgot to say, today I had a pretty cool experience. So, Tomás Levrino, one of the Levrino twins, is an incredible judo competitor, and I'm pretty sure he's competed and won competitions on a national level in Argentina. Anyways, the church decided to make a mormon message/I'm a Mormon-type video of him, so they sent two video guys to make a video on him. Tomas leaves on his mission to Chile in two months, so they wanted to do a part of the video of him as a missionary. So they gave him a nametag, and then they asked me if I could be his companion. Apparently I look like the typical, clean cut, North American missionary jajaja. But anyways, today we went and filmed us knocking on a door. It's probably about 10 seconds, but still. Pretty cool! Not your average missionary experience jaja. :)

Me, Gisela, Alejo, Elder Carrion

Me, Diego, Nahuel, Elder Carrion, Alejo, Gisela, Santiago

Coming out of the font with Diego

Nahuel and his cousin Santino (we're teaching him and his mom, we hope they get baptized too, Santino es CAPO!)

Last pday we took apart one of the windows to kill a giant spider that was hiding in it

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS ELDER CARRION!  We bought an asado to celebrate (and it was actually a pretty good deal, too! :)

FELIZ CUMPLEANOS ELDER HENRIQUEZ!  What better way to celebrate a birthday than to buy a Grido ice cream cake?

Capilla Abierta!!
Preparing for the capilla abierta Friday night with Hno Matias Martinez (lider misional) and Hno Cristian Gudino (presidente cuorum de elderes)

Capilla Abierta!!

Capilla Abierta

Capilla Abierta

Capilla Abierta

Capilla Abierta

The bishop, Hno Parpal (a brother we just helped to reactivate!) and Elder Levrino at the Relief Society stand jaja

Filming the "congregation" singing hymns

Us with the film guys

Elder Dillon came along as well to be my real companion jaja :)

So Elder Dillon found in some unknown place tortillas (which don't really exist here anywhere).  We missed lunch because we were filming, so we decided to have American lunch:  cheese quesadillas in a microwave with chocolate milk.  Basically because that was the only food in the office jajajaja

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