Saturday, May 27, 2017

Week 50 Santa Fe Rural C Oficina

Hola a todos!

Congratulations to all the new seminary and high school graduates! Special shoutout to my sister Emily, I can't believe she's already a high school graduate.

It was a great week this week! We found some great new investigators! One of them is the brother in law of Hna Monson, Nahuel and Diego´s mom, and when we went and talked to him he was super open to us, he gave us his phone number and told us he would read the pamphlet on the Restoration that we left him! We've been having trouble meeting with him again, though, because his wife, Hna Monzon's sister, is inactive and not super friendly to the church right now. So we'll see where that goes. Also, we were contacting this week, and it wasn't going too great. Lots of off-the-bat rejections. But we got to this one house right on the edge of our area, and when we knocked (well, clapped), the lady that came out was immediately super friendly with us, came out and started talking to us, and then called her son inside (20 years old), and he came out and chatted with us as well. Turns out, some missionaries had gone to their house during our Christmas devotional caroling activity in December, and they had loved it. Also, by some strange coincidence (nothing is coincidence), her husband, who recently passed away, had a Book of Mormon, but they never knew why, but it's always been there in their house. THEY ALREADY HAVE A BOOK OF MORMON AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW. It was a really cool contact to say the least. We're super excited to keep teaching them. They told us we could come back any day and teach a lesson. So cool. We also had an awesome FHE with Exxx and some members, Lisandro and his wife (I can't remember her name right now). They just got married four months ago in the Cordoba temple and they're both returned missionaries, and they have a little house in our ward, and they're awesome. We had a great lesson with Exxx and we talked about families and temples and keeping the commandments. He really felt the Spirit, and Lisandro did an awesome job helping him feel welcome and teaching him about the importance of temple covenants. Member lessons are the best.

Elder Morrill and I have been working on getting everything organized and set this week so that he can be good to go and independent in two weeks. He's already got pretty much everything down. He'll be a great financial secretary, I've got no worries.

I've been thinking a little bit this week about the changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we live the teachings of the Savior, we inevitably change for the better. When we follow His commandments, we grow and progress. There is no easier way to become a better person than to follow the commandments of Jesus Christ. It is such a powerful experience as a missionary to see people's lives changing as they discover and begin to live principles of the gospel in their lives. I know that when we live the commandments, we change for the better. We are happier. We increase our faith, and our joy is more full. I love this gospel and I know it works.

Have a great week!

Elder Meyers

In the zone conference last week that Elder Carrion and I visited to give out materials, there were some workers outside trying to take out a tree on the church grounds.  When all the missionaries heard, they all ran outside to help.

They all started pulling, and they pulled so hard that the rope broke and everyone went flying and falling on top of each other.  It was pretty funny. :)

We had a sick missionary from Esperanza that was hospitalized, so I went with Elder Guevara (one of the zone leaders in Esperanza) and Elder Grecci (the sick missionary's companion) to Esperanza to get him some clothes to stay the night

San Justo!

Selfie with Elder Carrion in San Justo

With Elder Smith (one of my zone leaders) in the capilla abierta in Parque del Sur

Me, Elder Ramos, and Elder Orgill (with the nice half smile jaja) right before divisions!

Elder Orgill was a little sick and had to rest, so Elder Morrill and I decided to do some office work old school style while we stayed with him in our apartment, with paper and pencil.  It took us about 6 times longer than it would have with Excel, but it was fun.

I got to see Elder Marquez (my previous companion) at transfers a few weeks ago!

Lunchtime with the missionaries from a few weeks ago

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