Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 2 Concordia Nebel B

Hola a todos!

Well, we had our first official full week here in Concordia, and the work rhythm hasn't slacked one bit. We've just been go, go, go the whole week, and it's been GREAT. We didn't have almost any investigators, so we've been working super hard to find people to teach. We spent a lot of the week marking up our ward list, revising the area book (where all of the former investigator records are kept), and just getting to know the streets. We met a lot of members, lots of less actives, and also found and started teaching 5 new investigators! Unfortunately, nobody came to church on Sunday, but we're just getting started, and shortly we hope to see lots of investigators at church every week.

One of our new investigators is the husband of a recent convert named Axxx. He is about 75 years old, and his body is having its aging problems, and he can't move around very much, but his mind is VERY active. He told us that back in the day in Argentina when trains were a lot more prominent, he was the general managing accountant for the largest railways in Argentina (I believe him considering the quality of their house jaja). He told us that when he was a little kid, he had always believed in God and wanted to follow him, but over the years doubt has entered his mind and that he finds it very hard to believe in a Supreme Creator. However, he told us that is not happy with his unbelief. He WANTS to believe, but he has trouble overcoming his doubt. He is so open, and was eager to read the things that we left him, and said he is willing to do whatever is necessary to know God, because he feels that that is what will make him happy. We're excited to keep teaching him.

No more time, but I love you all! And thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I know that this gospel is true, I know that we are in the right. God loves us, and He wants us to CHANGE. He wants us to, in other words, repent and come unto Him, and be saved through His Son, Jesus Christ. May we all change, or repent, every day, that we may always come unto Him.

Elder Meyers

From my last Sunday in Rural (Santa Fe ward) with all the members I could get a picture with.  Me and Hno Andrada.

Me and Familia Quiroz

Me with Hna Monzon, Diego, and the niece of Hnna Monzon, Siomara.  She is AWESOME!

With Elder Carrion

Me, Hno Cristian, and his stepson Kevin

Me, Hno Lisandro Reviriego (Picu they call him) and his wife.  They are amazing.  They just got married two months ago in the Cordoba temple.  Both returned missionaries.

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