Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 6 Concordia Nebel B

Hola a todos!

Another great week! Unfortunately we weren't able to work as much as we wanted, because Elder Frey began to have bronchitis symptoms, and the doctor told us he couldn't leave the apartment for four days, so that complicated things a little, but in spite of that, we were still able to get things done making phone calls, and me doing divisions to go to important appointments. Oxxx continues to progress. She accepts everything so easily, and is ready to give up coffee and tea and pay tithing without hesitation. Her daughter is progressing, too! As we were teaching the two of them about a week ago, as we were finishing the lesson, I just had the strongest impression that we needed to go the next time with Hna Arriola, a sister from our ward and the RS president. So we set a time and invited her to go with us. That following appointment was so powerful. As we got there, we found out that Hna. Arriola and Oxxx (the daughter) had known each other for many, many years, and that Hna Arriola had always been a huge example of faith for her. As we went through the lesson, Hna. Arriola basically taught everything specifically to the needs of Oxxx that she knew about and that there was no way we could have known about. We saw her change so much during the lesson as Hna. Arriola talked to her, and it was like her countenance completely lit up and she opened much more to the gospel. She is now reading the Book of Mormon, and will attend the baptism of her mother on Saturday, as well as church on Sunday! What an incredible change. Truly miracles can happen when we follow the promptings of the Spirit.

I have little time left, but we also had zone conference this past week, which was excellent! We learned a lot about consecration, and how we become consecrated when we align our will with God's will. But the way to learn God's will for us is through the Spirit, so we have to live our lives so that we can have the Spirit. Four things that Preach My Gospel teaches us that we need to do to have the Spirit are pray with faith, repent, keep the commandments, and work. Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like faith, repentance, baptism, and endure to the end. I love the doctrine of Christ. :)

Have a great week everyone, and seek for the Spirit!

Elder Meyers
Zone Conference in Concordia

Zone conference with Elder Soto and Elder Contreras

Zone conference with Elder Frey, Leo (a young man from Nebel) and Hno. Reyna, our ward mission leader and cook for the zone conference lunch :)

Making torta frita (with dulce de leche...so good)

Torta frita

Cleaning our apartment on one of Elder Frey's sick days! :)

In honor of Pioneer day, yesterday morning before we got ready we put on Tabernacle Choir songs about pioneers and did our best to dress up as pioneers jaja

And then missionary style :)

My notes from zone conference on the consecration process involving the Spirit (sorry, it's in Spanish)

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