Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 7 Concordia Nebel B

Hola a todos!

A crazy week, but a great one. Olga got baptized! It was a wonderful experience. Her son is the branch president of the other branch that meets in our building, and it was so easy to see the joy on his face during the baptismal service that his mother was going to enter the waters of baptism and become of member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, entering the gateway to the path that leads to eternal life and eternal families. It was a day to remember, and we are so happy for her. We did almost nothing to prepare her, she was already prepared. We only had the privilege of teaching her the missionary lessons and helping her organize her baptism. It was a great blessing. And this next week, she is headed to the temple in Buenos Aires to do baptisms! We are so excited for her. :)

Besides that, we spent a lot of time traveling this last week to Santa Fe for a leadership conference. It was an uplifiting and very spiritual experience, as it always is, but they were long trips back and forth. :) But I am more firmly convinced every time that Presidente Perez is set apart and inspired. He is following the will of God, and it shows and can be felt in the Spirit that permeates when he teaches. I love him.

We've been talking a lot about the Spirit lately in our mission, and it is coming to be one of my very favorite topics. The other day, Elder Frey and I watched the biography of President Monson, On the Lord's Errand, which I've watched several times during my mission, and every time I watch it, I am so impressed and inspired by President Monson's complete commitment to follow the impressions of the Spirit. If you haven't seen it, or if you have, I would encourage you to watch it. I'm pretty sure it's less than an hour, but it is so worth the watch. I have learned so many things from President Monson's example. He is another one of my heroes. :)

I hope you all have a great week, and I love you all!

Elder Meyers

Presidente Perez

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