Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 8 Concordia Nebel B

Hola amigos y familia!

Another crazy week. It seems like all of the missionaries in Concordia are moving all at once, and since Concordia is the city farthest away from Santa Fe, it's hard for the office to come here often, so Elder Carrion has been asking me to help him out with legal papers and payments and things like that since I was a little familiar with all of the proceedings jaja. Never can escape the office. So unfortunately, we lost some time this week taking care of administrative matters. We've noticed in the past couple of weeks that all kinds of things have been popping up, with sickness, meetings, administrative tasks, etc., that have been taking up a lot of our time. It seems like Satan is doing his very best to stop the work here in Concordia. This last week I was reading a talk that my Dad sent me, and in it he quoted Elder Richard G. Scott, where he said, "Satan has a powerful tool to use against good people. It is distraction. He would have good people fill life with 'good things' so there is no room for the essential ones." As we've tried to keep ourselves conscious of that, even though we've been short on time, we've done our best not to become distracted and lose focus, but to stay firm in our purpose and use all of the time that we've had left to the maximum. We found some great new investigators this week, and we also were able to help a young couple that was sealed in the temple, but went inactive for a while, come back to church this week and bless their newborn baby! That was definitely a highlight of the week. They are a special family, and we hope they will continue to attend and return to the gospel they know is true. Truly missionary work is a joyful experience.

This last week I studied a little bit about just that: Joy. As we know, Men are, that they might have joy. We exist to have joy! So the great question is, how do we find that joy? In the Topical Guide, if we look under the "Joy" heading, we find a great list of references that guide us to prophetic and scriptural direction as to how to obtain joy in this life. As I studied the list, I found an interesting correlation: the large majority of the scriptures that talked about joy had to do with preaching the gospel to others. There are many things that bring us joy in the gospel, but it struck me that there are very few things that bring more joy than sharing that gospel with others. After all, that is the ultimate joy of God's existence, sharing the gospel with His children. It isn't in Him living the gospel by Himself in a perfect world that He has created, but rather Him reaching out to imperfect and sometimes very lost children and helping them to correct their course and turn towards the Everlasting Light, His Son, Jesus Christ. I have come to gain a testimony of the completeness of the joy that comes as we follow the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who followed the perfect example of His Father, in sharing and preaching the gospel with every one of His children that we can. I testify that the preaching of the gospel is a sacred, elevated, and joyful work, and we participate in the great work of salvation every time we testify of truth, every time we serve our fellow man, every time we search for ancestors, every time we participate in vicarious ordinances in the temple, every time we share the gospel. May we all more fully participate in the great work of our God, the work of salvation!

Elder Meyers

"For behold, this is my work and my glory - to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Cleaning the baptismal font

Picture in the mirror

Welcome sign for the baptism

Olga! :)

Me and Elder Frey with Olga!

Me, Elder Frey, Olga, and her son Pte Nunez after the baptism!

Saw Elder Clement again!

Saw Elder Mitchell again!

Divisiones with Elder Lowrance

Purple tie for Fast Sunday!

Elder Frey with groceries on pday (we decided to buy everything we needed for six weeks all at once)

We found Tropicana orange juice...

Campbells Soup...

And Pyrex.  Made in the USA :)

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