Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 17 Concordia Nebel

Hola a todos!

This was an AWESOME week. I couldn't even begin to tell about all of the things that happened, but I'll try. So, Elder Streuling and I were talking one night after General Conference this week, and we got talking about faith. We decided that we wanted to see more miracles, and we knew that miracles can only come as a product of faith. We felt like we were being good missionaries, obedient, working hard, fulfilling our responsibilities, but we felt like we could do more. We knew that we weren't going that extra mile, stretching our faith to be worth to work miracles. So we decided that the new theme for our companionship would be that we were going to search for ways to exercise our faith every day. The next day, we passed by a family that we had been visiting for some time. We had had difficulty setting an appointment, and it seemed like they always had excuses. As we headed to their home, we already were feeling a little bit like we wanted to drop them as investigators. As we talked with them at the door, the offered a few more excuses about why they couldn't receive us in that moment, and as the conversation was wrapping up and we were about to say goodbye, I felt an impression to testify boldly to them that they needed to listen to us because it was the most important thing that they could be doing, and that they needed to put God first in their lives. At first, I didn't want to, because it was a pretty direct thing to say to somebody, and I didn't want to offend them. But I remembered our goal to have faith, and I testified. I think I did, in fact, offend them a little. :) They protested a little, saying that they always gave thanks to God for all that He gave them, maybe a little annoyed that I would suggest that they weren't putting God first. But we agreed that we would pass by the following day to visit them, and we left. As we left, Elder Streuling and I talked about the Spirit that we had felt as I had offered my testimony of the singular importance of the message of the gospel, and we decided that it had definitely been an impression from the Lord. When we arrived the following day, they let us in immediately, and when we entered the house, Gxxx (the husband) told us to take a seat. The smart TV was on, and he was in youtube, and he told us that he was looking for the Joseph Smith movie we had told him about. We looked up the 20min. video of the Restoration and watched it with him and Gxxx (his spouse). After watching it, Gxxx told us that during the video he had felt something that he had never felt before, pointing to his heart. He explained it as a happiness, a gladness, a peace, something that really touched him. We eagerly explained to him that he had felt the Spirit, and that that had been God telling him that what the video showed was true. We could tell that it had really impacted him. We set up another appointment for a couple of days later, and as we left, we began talking, we had both felt the impression that the next time we should go with Hno. and Hna. Caceres, recent converts of just a year, who had gone to the same evangelical church that our investigators had gone to. Following our goal, we decided to exercise our faith and act on the prompting, and we invited them to go with us to the next lesson. Fast forward. We arrive to the lesson. Hno. and Hna. Caceres immediately hit it off with Gxxx and Gxxx, and they find a bunch of things in common. Hno. Caceres offered to help them with some repairs that they were wanting to do on their house, and then during the lesson powerfully testified of the truthfulness of the gospel. We could tell that Gxxx and Gxxx felt it, and when the Caceres invited them to come to church, they accepted. We had invited them many times before, and missionaries had taught them on and off for years, but they had never gone to church once. But we had faith that this time would be different. On Sunday, we received a text message from them telling us to wait outside the church because they were on their way! We were still walking to the church, so we began to walk very quickly so that we could get there and receive them. They showed up! We went in together, and they sat down with the Caceres family. They really enjoyed church, and were able to feel the Spirit. It was a miracle. I know that when we actively exercise our faith, the Lord can work miracles. I know it because I have experienced it.

So much more to say and so little time. We also saw other fruits and found a young man of 13 years that is SUPER prepared! We found him this week knocking doors, he came to a youth activity and church and already asked us when he can be baptized. And his parents want him to be baptized! Blessings.

Other blessing: this week Maira, an investigator that Elder Frey and I had been teaching and then passed to the hermanas, got married this week and then was baptized!! I was so happy for her. She is an example of faith for me. She had to pass through so many trials. Her father is an evangelical pastor, and did everything but support her. He told her that she was committing apostasy, that it didn't say anywhere in the Bible that you have to be married to be baptized, that the Mormons were leading her on, etc. Her family has been very against everything, and it has been hard for her, but she told us, I know this is the right thing, so why should I worry about it? She was very excited to be baptized. I also testify of the promise in D&C 18:15-16 how great is our joy as we bring souls to Christ! There is no other comparable joy. I am so happy for Maira.

So many other faith building and inspiring experiences, but no time. As I studied about the 2.000 stripling warriors this week, I realized that they were miraculously preserved because of their faith. All of the Nephites were in the same cause, fighting for the same things, but many died. Why didn't the stripling warriors die? "[For] they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them."

May we all exercise our faith daily, that we may work miracles in the work of the Lord!

Elder Meyers

The wedding of Maira and Esteben

Esteben, Maira, and their baby Sara with their wedding cake

The wedding cake

The car decorated at the wedding

Maira, Esteben, and the Nebel missionaries: Hna Iquic (new from Guatemala), Hna Ceron, Elder Streuling, and me

Missionaries and the married couple

Elder Streuling with a pizza

Maira's baptism

Me and Maira at her baptism

Esteben, Maira, and Sara
Maira asked me to baptize her

After the baptism!  So much joy :)

Presidente and Hermana Perez visited us in Concordia

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