Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 22 Concordia Nebel

Hola familia y amigos!

This week went by so fast... I feel like I was just barely writing yesterday. It was a little more low key than last week, but still going full steam. We were blessed to find a couple of new investigators this week, and to have some other great faith-building experiences. Just talking with people on a daily basis is a faith building experience. Many times, people don't appear to be very receptive to the gospel, but as you begin to talk to them, and get to know them, you realize that they are children of God, people with hopes, dreams, desires, fears, and everything every normal person has. As we take that step of faith and talk with people, it becomes natural to share the message of the restored gospel with them, and even if they don't accept the message, we feel the quiet confirmation of the Holy Spirit that we are doing the will of our Father in Heaven.

One experience that Elder Streuling and I had this week that seemed to be a rather ordinary experience, as we later analyzed it, came to be a very instructive experience about faith and diligence. The other day, we left the church at about 9:20 after a meeting to head back to our apartment. We were making extra efforts that day to be exactly obedient, and diligent in all things, so obviously we wanted to get back to our apartment on time (9:30), and we knew we would have to take the bus in order to get back in time. As we walked toward the bus stop, we ran into two of the elders from another branch who were on their way back to their apartment. We said hi, asked them how their day was, but, having present in our minds that we wanted to get back on time, we quickly said bye and continued toward the bus stop. When we were about half a block away from the stop, we saw the bus pass by right in front of us (the bus route runs perpendicular to the street we were on). That particular bus passes by about every 15-20 minutes, so the thought crossed my mind, aw man, we missed the bus! Oh well, I guess we will just get home late today. But I looked at Elder Streuling, and he said, what do we do? For context, that same bus does a little detour, and then passes by another stop about 6 blocks away, and then continues toward our apartment. Elder Streuling said, should we run? And in my mind, I thought, we probably won't make it, we're carrying a lot of things, and it's fine we'll just get home late. But I remembered our decision to be diligent, so we decided to run. We ran six blocks, with about 5 bags between the two of us (we had just finished divisions), and about halfway there, we passed by a house where there were a bunch of people outside on the front porch. They all started laughing (I'm sure we were a ridiculous sight), and some of them started to make fun of us a little bit. I felt a little embarrassed, and a part of me wanted to stop running, but we kept going. As we got to one block away from the stop, we had to wait to cross the street at the stoplight because there were a bunch of cars passing, and we saw down the street the bus crossing over to the stop. Again, we were tempted to give up, but we edged our way out into the street, and as soon as all the cars had passed, we sprinted as fast as we could, and arrived sprinting to the bus stop, and barely signaled it right as it was passing, and we made it to the bus. We took the bus, got off, and right when we opened the door to our apartment, I looked at my watch, and it was 9:30 on the dot. As we talked about it, we realized that that experience was a great analogy for life. Sometimes our goals may not seem that important to people who do not understand the importance, and Satan also tempts us to diminish the importance of gospel goals. We may feel inadequate or unable to reach those goals, or others may make fun of us for trying to reach those goals. Many times, when trying to reach those goals, we will encounter various obstacles, and we will feel at times that it is not worth the effort and that we should just give up. But if we exercise our faith, press forward, and trust in the Lord, then He will help us to accomplish things that seem unlikely or even impossible.

I hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Meyers

Last pday we went to a buffet with the other elders in our district...We felt pretty inflated afterwards. :)

Divisions with the elders from Federal

Candid Elder Streuling jaja

Divisions with Elder House

Bye Elder Murillo!  (we had mini transfers this week because a large group of missionaries finished in the middle of the transfer)

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